Holey Donuts! New Lowfat Chocolate Chip and Sugar & Spice Donuts Review



I have become a huge fan of Holey Donuts lately so I was very excited when they said they would send me three more boxes to review.  So when they arrived on my front porch packed in dry ice (still very frozen) this is what I found inside:

Jumbo Low Fat Chocolate Chip Donuts:

“Brand New! Jumbo Low Fat Chocolate Chip Donuts! These yummy low fat donuts have a smear of our homemade, low fat vanilla frosting topped with the perfect amount of delicious milk chocolate chips. We all loved this donut and knew you would too! What better way to indulge without feeling guilty?

While an ordinary donut like this can have as much as 30 grams of fat this Jumbo Low Fat Chocolate Chip Donut has just about 5 grams of total fat! Holey Donuts! once again brings you the joy of an awesome donut experience without the guilt, fat and calories!”

They recommend letting their donuts thaw at room temperature so that is what I did.  But you can also microwave them right from the freezer.  Once they thawed we were all excited to try them.  They are very yummy.  My little 2 year old bug couldn’t get enough of these, I think he ate at least 3 in a day.  (Does that make me a bad mom?) Maybe he is trying to watch his weight, LOL!  I still can’t get over how something so low in fat can taste so good. And the chocolate chips on top hit the spot for my chocolate cravings.  mmmmmm……

Low Fat Petite Sugar and Spice Donuts:

SugarSpice1A really great tasting low fat donut that is not too sweet and extremely low in calories. This full-sized donut is a wonderful early evening treat with a cup of tea.  Treat your mind, body and soul with a Low Fat Petite Sugar and Spice donut and a side of fresh strawberries with your morning coffee. Win the battle of the bulge... have your donut and eat it too! And all without feeling as if you've over indulged.

Try these limited availability taste sensations today. Why get your morning chub on at a Dunkin when you can walk by and just smile … knowing you only had 3 weight watchers points and a little over 100 calories! 6 jumbo, thaw and serve Low Fat Petite Sugar and Spice Donuts.”

I really like having these for breakfast because they aren’t super sweet, (I have a hard time eating really sweet things early in the morning) but these are perfect breakfast food for me.  And I don’t have to feel al guilty after eating one, that is awesome!

And of course they know the quickest way to my heart!  Through their

SUPER DELICIOUS Cinnamon Bun Middles!

To say I LOVE these is an understatement.  My whole family loves them as well, they don’t last long in our freezer that is for sure.  Both my hubby and I have been dieting so these have been a great way to have a sweet treat without taking in a ton of calories.  I can hardly believe they only have 100 calories, they taste way to good for that to be true!  But it is true! So when I get a hankering for a sweet treat I take one out of the freezer and microwave it for 30 seconds (that is the perfect time for my microwave) and viola a CBMkeys2delicious cinnamon bun with an ooey gooey yummy apple center.  You HAVE to try these!  But I will warn you, once you do you will be hooked for life.

“We promise that these buns won't end up adding to your buns! After all don’t we all want smaller buns anyway? Moist, delicious, hand-made and delivered frozen to store in your freezer and enjoy anytime! These amazing treats are my newest personal creation. As the founder and inventor of Holey Donuts! and our patented cooking process, I've spent months making these just right! So moist and satisfying, just thaw naturally or in the microwave. I can promise it will seem as if you baked and freshly glazed them yourself!

Who needs a muffin top when you can have a cinnamon bun middle?”


Things that are Brag Worthy:

  • They taste fresh, moist and delicious!
  • Great variety of treats to choose from.
  • They are low fat! (and don’t taste like it)
  • Sweet treats without the guilt!
  • No artificial sweeteners.
  • Zero trans-fats.
  • Endorsed by top diet delivery companies.
  • They arrive frozen at your door.
  • Easy and quick treat that tastes like it was just freshly baked.

Head over to www.holeydonuts.net to check out  the yummy variety they offer!

Holey Donuts gets Bragging Rights!


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  1. Maureen said...

    Holey donuts are amazing! I entered one of their contests and won a 3 month supply of donuts of my choice. My second shipment is to arrive tomorrow. I shared with friends and family and they loved them. MMMMMM!!!

  2. Real Moms Real Views said...

    They look so yummy! My mouth is watering just reading your review!!!

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