Pipila Pacifier Sterilizer Review

pipilasI received the Pipila Pacifier Sterilizer in red to review and I love it! My little one is actually not on the pacifier anymore BUT this is a great way to sterilize and then to store them! I also can’t wait to use this when we have another baby. I love that the sterilizer is not only portable but it’s small enough to keep in your diaper bag.

I never realized how many germs were on a pacifier until I read on Pipila’s website “The number of bacteria pipila_4 on dirty bottle nipples and pacifiers is far greater than on toys and general household goods.” How gross is that! But it’s completely true, I noticed babies and toddlers not only share their binky’s BUT they drop them on the ground, in the dirt and who knows where else then it goes right back into their mouth. This pacifier sterilizer is a great way to prevent germs right on the spot!

pipila_1 All you do is take the pacifier and but the nipple part down into the sterilizer, push the button and in 6 minutes it’s clean and ready to go!pipila_2


“Unlike other units on the market, using Pipila to sanitize your pacifier does not change the shape of the nipple or leave residual smells or peculiar tastes on the nipple.” (Pipila website)

pipila How it works: “The combination of UV and O3 function to penetrate and rupture the cell wall of germs, they then attack and destroy the DNA in the cell's nucleus, the core function centre of the of the cell. This ultimately results in the termination of germs on the pacifier, leaving your baby with a clean and safe pacifier and you with a peace of mind.

Both UV and Ozone are elements of nature. Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule that is harmless to humans, once Ozone attacks and destroys germs, it breaks down into the oxygen we breathe.” (Pipila Website)

Things that are Bragworthy:

  • It can fit perfectly into your purse or diaper bag
  • Comes in 3 great colors- Green, Blue and Red
  • Only takes 2 AA batteries
  • Keeps the germies away
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful germs
  • Safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly.
  • Can be used with all standard Pacifiers

You can purchase your very own Pipila Pacifier sterilizer at www.pipilausa.com/


The Pipila Pacifier Sterilizer gets Bragging Rights! brainn_siggy_orange

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