Marshmallow Shooter Review

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I was sent the Camo Marshmallow Shooter from Marshmallow Fun Company to review.  My nephews (ages 8 and 10) have had so much fun shooting it!  It is very well designed, it is easy to load the mini marshmallows in it.  You just take the tube out load them in and place the tube back on.  It is also very easy to shoot, you just pump the handle back and forth and it shoots the marshmallows out.  They loved it so much there mom is going to buy another one so they will each have one.  This is a really fun toy for kids of all ages (yes that includes me, I enjoyed shooting it just as much as they did!).  Imagine having these for everyone at an outdoor family reunion or work party.  Talk about fun!

“Guerilla warfare has never been so sweet. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter delivers loads of fun, firing Project9miniature marshmallows at a range of approximately 30 feet. Hunt down the neighborhood ‘prey’ or surprise an enemy from a camouflaged position. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter magazine holds 25 rounds of fun and is dishwasher safe. The Camo Marshmallow Shooter brings a whole new meaning to having marshmallows around the campfire.”-Marshmallow Fun Company Website


Things that are Brag Worthy:

  • The kids have a blast with these!
  • They shoot for approx. 30 feet!
  • They are dishwasher safe, clean up couldn’t be easier.
  • Soft ammo (not to mention edible ammo!)
  • They have fun designs to choose from (like Cheetah, Camo, Zebra, Peace, and more…)
  • They are very well made and are easy to load and shoot.
  • Make great gifts fore campouts, reunions, or company parties, or just for fun in the blackyard.

To see all Marshmallow Fun Company products and accessories go to!


Marshmallow Shooter gets Bragging Rights!




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  1. Shana said...

    oh my goodness, my kids would have so much fun with those, heck so would my hubby, dad, mom sister and myself haha

  2. Stefani @ said...

    These look so COOL. My family would have a Blast with this, LOL!

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