5 Latest Styles of Prom Dresses for a Classy Ensemble


 Look beautiful and stylish on your prom.

These are the latest styles of prom dresses: tops with beaded bodice, asymmetrical or sequined; lower part with bubble hem, ruffles or caught-up skirt, tiered, or mermaid-style; feathery and vintage style draped with net overlay or tulle;  flowing and goddess-like; and gowns with metallic colors.

School promenades doesn’t happen every day. So, girls make it a point to look  your best during this night of romance and definitely, a walk to remember. Whatever body shape or feature you have, the following styles will fit you perfectly. Below are fashion-forward prom gowns with a twist of flare:

Tops with beaded bodice, asymmetrical ribbon or sequined

Whether your gown be long or cocktail, the beaded bodice will look perfectly great. It will accentuate the upper part of your gown especially on the chest area. Bejeweled bodice brings out the best of your dress because of the intricate and eye-catching designs. On the other hand, tops with asymmetrical ribbon are the hippest trend in gowns nowadays. This time, you don’t have to tie a ribbon at the back because a lopsided ribbon in front would look more stylish and unique. To those who desire to stand out, a sequined dress will be picture-perfect for you. The shimmer made by this kind of dress will make heads turn.

Lower part with bubble hems, ruffles or caught-up skirt, tiered, or mermaid-style

Bubble hems are best fit with cocktail dresses. In contrast, ruffles, tiered, caught-up skirt or mermaid-style will be in its finest when adorned in ball gowns. Ruffles or caught-up skirt don’t only make your frock stylish but it also gives a sense of princess-like front. Tiered or layered gown are one-of-a-kind especially when worn to prom. Mermaid-style bottoms are also a raging trend in gowns.

Feathery and vintage style or draped with net overlay or tulle

On vintage-themed promenades, it can be emphasized through feathery accessories in your gown and other clothing pieces such as earrings, necklaces and even shoes. To highlight the vintage part of your promenade, gowns are better stressed out through black and/or white-colored prom dresses. Cocktail dresses overlain or underlain by tulle or fine netting give off a classical vibe.

Flowing and goddess-like long gowns

Some girls out there aren’t fond of heavy-looking ball gowns. So here is a stylish alternative. Flowing and goddess-like long gowns would probably appease your fashion eye. Flowing dresses have a wide range of patterns to choose from-solid colors to flowery designs. Goddess-like gowns can endow you with the instant prom queen ambiance.

Prom dresses with metallic colors

Metallic colors provide a glossy, polished and plush facade. Prom dresses in this style should be topped off with a cute, sparkling tiara. Metallic gold, bronze, silver and such are all the rage in the fashion world.

Concerning opportunities of dressing up should not be shrugged off. One of these moments is the night of prom. To complete the occasion, one should wear the gown of her choice and walk with your chin up because you know you are confidently beautiful and happy.

Written By Debra R. Dixon


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