Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap Review

Safe T Sleep

Choose safety with a safe, snug, swaddling Sleepwrap.


The Sleepwrap provides a safer sleeping environment for your baby by helping to prevent tummy sleeping, creeping into potentially dangerous and/or cold positions, falls from cots, cribs and beds.

inst1newAs your baby grows the Sleepwrap can be used to assist with the transition from bassinet, or hammock to cot/crib and again from cot/crib to "big beds".

Most Parents and Caregivers struggling to gain a full nights sleep due to an unsettled baby and or anxiety, choose to use a Sleepwrap.”-Safe T Sleep Website

International SIDS Preventative Recommendations Include:

  • Put your healthy baby on its back to sleep (and alternate baby’s head position)
  • Keep babies off the tummy
  • Keep babies face and head clear
  • Do not let babies get too hot

    The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap helps you achieve all of these!!

    Safe T Sleep generously sent me a Sleepwrap to review and I am very impressed with it. It is very well made, and I am actually really sad I didn’t know about it when little bug was a baby. It would have been so nice to have with a new baby. I will definitely be using the Sleepwrap with all of the rest of 00008-1_MDmy babies to come. I love that it keeps your baby secure and in the position you choose. I don’t know about you but when little bug was a baby I was always so worried about him changing positions without me knowing it, so I would have to check him every 10 minutes. (Yes paranoid I know) If I would have had the Sleepwrap I would have known he was safe and been able to check on him less often. They also make a Travel Sleepwrap that fits on beds (even King size beds) as well as cribs. So when you travel your baby can sleep in a regular bed. That is so nice! Another great thing is that the Sleepwrap can be used from newborn to 3 years. You won’t have to worry about your toddler climbing or falling out of their crib.

    I definitely recommend this product!

    You can watch a demo video of the Sleepwrap by clicking here.

Things that are Brag Worthy:side

  • Prevents Tummy sleeping, overheating and keeps baby’s face and head clear.
  • Promotes a more restful and safe sleep.
  • Ideal for reflux, colds, and colic positioning.
  • Helps prevent/correct misshapen (flat) heads.
  • Prevents falls from cots, cribs, and beds.
  • It is hospital tested.
  • 100% Natural Cotton and is chemical free.
  • You can rest assured knowing your baby is sleeping safely.
  • It can be used from ages newborn to 3 years!
  • You can read testimonials from other parents by clicking here.

For more information and to purchase the Sleepwrap go to

Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap gets Bragging Rights!

Safe T Sleep is now on Twitter, you can follow them here: @safetsleepltd

COPY OF SLEEPWRAP: Press Release (Sept. 14, 2009)
"I want to let you and your viewers know that a copy of our products will be introduced to the Las Vegas Baby Show later this month. The name of this product is the Snooozz. The story is that the distributor we had in Netherlands simply made a cheap copy of the Sleepwrap and tried to introduce it to retailers already stocking our Sleepwrap. Their action took place in Holland first and then to Europe. Luckily, our retailers know about the quality of our Sleepwrap, the improvement that we made during the years in order to provide a secure sleeping environment for babies. Their presence is therefore not really strong in Europe and we can only thank our loyal retailers and parents for trusting our products.
We’ve been on the market place for almost 20 years from now and are really proud of the accomplishment made in term of security (falls from cot, prevent tummy sleeping, prevent flat head syndrome) and comfort (Sleepwrap can be used summer and winter as made with 100% cotton) that the Sleepwrap is providing. The testimonials from our website and the comments from different blogs can prove it. The Snooozz on the other hand hasn’t been on the market for so long, and even though the fabric might have passed all the tests required, the design and quality / resistance of their product can’t be proven. American parents are not aware of this situation as both the Sleepwrap and the Snooozz will be launching at the same time."-Lise at Safe T Sleep
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  1. Anonymous said...

    I am pregnant and I will be buying this for my little angel so she can be sleeping safely. Thanks for the review.

    Stephanie A.

  2. Natalie (Nani's Nails) said...

    I have to let my friend know about this! Her baby will be here any day now!

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