Snoedel Review and Giveaway [CLOSED]

Snoedel (pronounced snoodle) is the original sleeping and bonding aid for babies completely handcrafted in the United States by moms, grandmothers, and female college students under "newborn-safe" conditions (environments free of tobacco and perfumes.) It is comprised of 100% natural fibers and has been safe for use with all babies including newborns, premature infants, and other babies in Neonatal Intensive Care units. -Snoedel Website

Snoedels bring comfort as "aromatherapy of the very best kind - the scent of mom". They are designed specifically to absorb and retain a mother's (or father's) scent. Then when held or placed near a newborn or infant the scent is slowly released to comfort the baby, thus improving sleep, aiding in bonding, and soothing a baby's crying or distress. A parent should sleep with the soft Snoedel for a couple of nights prior to giving the Snoedel to the baby. -Snoedel Website

These are so great! My 18 month old little bug has been going through a mommy dependant stage, and it is nice to give him the Snoedle when I am not able to be with him. It helps him to still feel close to me. He loves his snoedel so much!

Snoedels come in 7 different patterns, so you can choose the one that best suits your child's personality. Their is also a larger version, the Toddler Snoedel. It is the same as the regular Snoedel just double the size. (ages 1+) That comes in 2 different patterns.

The very first was created by a Dutch woman inspired by the birth of a friend ’s premature infant. The Dutch word “snoedel” means “snuggle”. The body is 100% cotton flannel, the head is stuffed with pure clean and carded sheeps wool; Snoedels can be safely machine washed and dried. After being washed, a Snoedel should be re-infused with the parent’s scent. -Snoedel Website

Here is a testimonial of a mom:
“At about 4 months of age, we were exhausted by our son’s poor sleeping habits. He refused all pacifiers. Nursing or bouncing endlessly on an exersize ball were the only things that would soothe him to sleep. After reading ‘The No Cry Sleep Solution’ I decided to try introducing a lovey and the author recommended the Snoedel. When it arrived I wore it around in my shirt for a few hours to get my scent on it. That night, when I put Cole in bed I laid the Snoedel beside him. He touched it, hugged it, talked to it and went to sleep...without any intervention from me! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but after 3 nights of this behavior I concluded it was a miracle (and answer to prayer). He still likes to cuddle his Snoedel and it makes bedtime much easier. We love it." -Jennifer
To read other testimonials of mom's click here.

Things that are Brag Worthy:
  • They help our babies and children with sleeping, separation, bonding, and comfort.
  • Parents are now getting more sleep! Hooray!
  • My little bug loves his Snoedel.
  • Snoedels are designed specifically to absorb and retain a mother or father's scent.
  • 7 different patterns to choose from.
  • You can have your childs name embroidered on their snoedel!
  • They also make Pet Snoedels!
  • iParenting media Award Winner.
  • Made from 100% cotton flannel, very soft.
  • The Snoedel can be machine washed and dried.
  • You can buy your snoedel in a blanket set, and get a free matching burp cloth, here.
  • Safe to use with all babies, including babies in the Neonatal Intensive are Units.
  • These make wonderful new baby and baby shower gifts.

You can head over to to get your baby a Snoedel!


Snoedel gets Bragging Rights!


Snoedel is generously giving away one of their Snoedels! (Your choice of pattern)

How to enter: Use the entry form below to submit your qualifying entries.

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You can enter this giveaway until July 5 @ 5:00 pm. The winner will then be chosen by, verified and announced. If winner has provided an email address I will contact them. If you don't provide your email you will want to check back then and see if you are the winner. The winner will have 72 hours (because of the holiday) to email us and claim the prize, if prize is not claimed within the 72 hours a new winner will be chosen. You must be 18 years or older and live in the US or Canada to enter.

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