OK to Wake! Alarm Clock and Nightlight Review

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OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Nightlight
The clock that teaches kids to sleep in ...
so you can too!

OK to Wake! glows green when it’s time for young kids to go see mom and dad in the morning! For parents, every extra minute of sleep is a luxury.

"Ok to Wake!" Really Works!
OK to Wake! features a dual-color nightlight that turns green when it's "Ok to wake!" And it works - kids are excited to wait for the green light while parents get some extra shut-eye.

OK to Wake!'s nightlight is programmable by the parent - you define what time the "Green means GO!" light turns on in the morning. In the evening, OK To Wake! is a comforting nightlight (soft yellow glow) that can be turned on at the tap of a "toe" for a programmable duration (up to two hours).

Teach Me Time Giftbox v2-2_ol I was thrilled to receive the OK to Wake! Clock to review. Bug hasn’t learned how to climb out of his crib yet but I know it is coming very soon. Just today when I went in after nap time to get him out he had one of his feet up on the top of the railing and he was ready to go for it. But now I don’t have to panic when he does learn how to climb out of his crib. I have the OK to Wake! Clock to teach him when he needs to be sleeping (and stay in his room) and when it is morning (or the end of Nap time). I love that it comes with both a flower and Alien faceplate so you can use the same product for all your kids, boys or girls. It requires 2 AA Batteries (not included so make sure you have some handy). Programming it is really easy and I love that it has a nap timer as well. It has an Alarm with a snooze button so older kids can get up on time for school. The really cute animations make it fun for kids. I like the soft glow of the night light. But my favorite part of all is that now Parents can get more sleep. And ask anyone who knows me, I love to Sleep! So the more I get the better. :) This is a MUST HAVE product!

Things that are Brag Worthy:

  • Safety First. OK to Wake! has been tested for lead paint content according to the requirements of the CPSIA. OK to Wake! is also CE certified.
  • Kid-Friendly Shape, Parent-Friendly Design. Kids love the shape! "Toe" buttons are fun to press. Parents appreciate the function and form. Concealed "parental" control panel provides access to clock options and instructions. Interchangeable LCD bezels (pink flower & green bug both included) provide options for boys and girls.otw3
  • Soft-Glow Nightlight With "Ok to Wake!" Timer. OK to Wake! glows a soft yellow color at the tap of a toe button and lights green ("OK to Wake") in the morning at a time programmed by the parent. To conserve battery life, lights turn off automatically after a customizable amount of time (up to two hours).
  • "Grown-Up" Alarm Clock. OK to Wake!'s built-in alarm clock features gradual-wake - the wake-up tone starts softly and ascends slowly to full volume. Fun animations accompany the wake-up tone. 10-minute snooze feature just like mom and dad's alarm clock!
  • Nap Timer OK to Wake's! nap timer is programmable (up to 24 hours). When nap time is over, OK to Wake! sounds an audible tone, lights the green "OK to Wake" light or both, at your option.
  • Battery operated. Fully battery operated on two AA-type batteries (not included). Runs for approximately 3 months under normal operating conditions.
  • Other Flexible Options. Wake-up volume and brightness are both fully adjustable (low, medium, high).

    See more info on the OK to Wake! Clock and purchase one online for your kiddos so you can start getting more sleep! Use code BRAG and receive $5 off any Onaroo Clock purchase! (limit 4)

OK to Wake! Clock gets Bragging Rights!heidi_signature_pink

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  1. eileen said...

    What a great idea!!! And it is such a cute little clock too! My kids are up and at em types and a bit older, but my son would love this for his two little toddlers. Yawn....maybe I SHOuLD get one for our house!!!!! My kids wanna stay up all night, then get up early and are a mess later. AND mom too!

  2. *THE Disneyland Mom* said...

    This clock is the answer to my prayers!

  3. Becca said...

    I have been hearing more and more about kids who can't wait to get out of bed. I guess my parents were lucky, they supplied me with books and I was happy to stay in my room! :)

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