{Brag Worthy Christmas!} FurReal Friends Review

I received the cute FurReal Newborn Duckling for review from Hasbro. My kids have loved the Furreal pets since they first came out. We have many of them and I am sure we will get many, many more. In fact, my daughter just got "Zambi" The baby elephant for her 5th birthday. She is so cute. All of Furreal's lifelike stuffed animals are unique and fun. And with so many Furreal friends to choose from your kids will definitely find a favorite.

The Furreal Friends "Newborn Duckling" is just as good as having a pet duckling in your home. It makes real "duckling" sounds and flaps it's "wings" too! It will even raise it's head when being fed with the bottle. This adorable, little yellow newborn duckling is sure to find its way into the hearts of your little ones. Ages 4 and up. Retails for around $12.99.

More adorable FurReal Friends....

"Zambi" The Baby Elephant" ~ Retails for $49.99

He is a very special baby African elephant that delights children who dream of having their very own "exotic pet", and also helps to improve the lives of children who have been orphaned by AIDS in Africa. Pet, tickle and touch one of the sensors on ZAMBI'S back, chest and trunk and he responds just like a real baby elephant! He moves his trunk up and down, wiggles his ears and makes lifelike trumpeting and chewing sounds! He will curl his trunk around your finger and even "blows" kisses to you!

This adorable canine is no ordinary pup! Give your plush, electronic pooch lots of love and affection by petting its soft fur. Then watch your lovable companion come to "life" as it walks, wags its tail and even barks! Give your puppy his bone and he'll move his head and nose to give it a good "sniff"! Your puppy comes with a special adoption certificate to ensure you'll always be the best of friends!

"Newborn Chipmunk" ~ Retails for $ 14.99

Bring home your own loveable baby chipmunk and watch it "come to life" as it responds to your loving care. It acts just like a real baby chipmunk! This sweet and snuggly pal moves up and down and moves its tail. It also makes adorable baby chipmunk sounds. Don't forget to "feed" your pet with its own bottle! Take good care of your chipmunk pal and you're sure to be the best of friends!Chipmunk figure comes with an adoption certificate and bottle.

Things that are Brag Worthy.....

  • Cuddly and Soft lifelike stuffed animals
  • Love them and they love you right back
  • Stylish - All Furreal friends come with great accessories
  • Adoption Certificates - make it official and adopt your Furreal Friend
  • Downloads online - Furreal Friends Wallpaper, Very cute!
  • Play at Hasbro Kids - Games, Videos and Comics too!
  • Puzzle Maker - with your Furreal Friends
  • Print Shop - Create cool projects with your favorite Hasbro toys!
  • Furreal Commercials - Visit to see more about Lulu, Zambi, Panda, Chimp & Teacup Pups!
  • Hours of fun with Hasbro and your Furreal

Any of these fun "FurReal Friends" will make a great gift for Christmas this year. Your child's eyes will beam in excitement when they rip open their FurReal package.

Surprise your little one by putting a "FurReal Newborn" in their stocking. They will love it!

We recommend Hasbro's "FurReal Friends" for the perfect Christmas gift this year.
Furreal Friends by Hasbro gets Bragging Rights!

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  1. Eileen said...

    My daughter is allergic to cats and when at about 4 years old just BEGGED for a cat. Kids that age don't always grasp what allergies mean and in her case they can prompt asthma. So, we found her a Fur Real Cat...grey and fluffy and looked very real as far as toy animals go. She took that toy from room to room and placed her in a corner in her bedroom in a bed EVERY night. She really loved that pet. Unfortunately, Fluffy met a bad fate when a visitor stepped on her and broke the mechanism and basically a leg and neck of the toy. We did have to "quietly let her go". But these toys are pretty cool. Kids are amazed by them, and I was also!

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