Snog Balm Review

I have a very hard time finding lip balms that don’t hurt my very sensitive lips. So when I was sent Snog Balm, Natural to try out, I was pleasantly suprised to find that felt very nice on my lips and kept them moisturized. I like it a lot. I especially like how small it is and how it is made to fit in your pocket.


Snog Balm is the FIRST "Pocket Size Lip Balm"!

“In the pockets of today's Consumer you will find keys, money, breath mints, credit cards/ID, tissues, change, lip balm, cell phone, business cards, wallet, and an iPod. It's a fast world that requires instant access to every necessary product at your fingertips.

Their pockets are FULL! We've entered an era where smaller is better... smaller cell phone... smaller iPod. Snog Balm is a miniature lip balm that is hip and fun for these active consumers.

  • Snog Balm is the first lip balm in a size that fits a pocket and will last to the moment that it's used, lost or misplaced. It's in hip packaging and colors and is brazen in its intent to moisten your lips with its added Vitamin E. It's fun, young, and passionate. It's cool, vibrant and irreverent. It's got the "WHAT'S THAT?!", and the "CAN I TRY IT?!" factor.
  • Snog Balm aims to revolutionize and reinvigorate the brand category and instantly position itself to market leader by being the new solution to a daily necessity for today's pocket full consumer.
  • Snog Balm Stories. The backside of each blister card features varying Snog stories - short stories that capture first, favorite, outrageous, or witty Snog moments submitted by our customers. Our Snog stories bring life to and reflect the diversity of our fan base (age, orientation, geography, lifestyle) and help communicate and develop an emotion and common bond amongst our customers.” –Snog Balm Website

snog Why the name Snog?

Snog Name Definition: A "snog" is a colloquial (informal/slang) British derivative expression referring to caressing, cuddling and/or kissing.

Things that are Brag Worthy:

  • It is pocket sized! No more huge lip balm containers, just perfectly sized snog balm.
  • I like the way it feels on my lips. It isn’t sticky like some lip balms can be, and it doesn’t hurt my sensitive lips.
  • It keeps my lips moisturized very well.
  • Snog Balm comes in 4 different Flavors. Mint, Strawberry, Natural and Cherry.

Head over to and get yourself some! You can also get it at

Snog Balm gets Bragging Rights!

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